Thursday, March 7, 2013

Book Review: Heaven's Lessons

Heaven's Lessons
Ten Things I Learned About God When I Died
Steve Sjogren

This book is a lovely mix of stories and experiences. Things that the author has learned since his NDE (near death experience) about God and spiritual life. Like many of us Steve had put God in a box and after his NDE God taught him a ton about who He is as our Father. I must say I was a little disappointed...

Perhaps I had my expectations set a bit too high or something. I am not really sure. I just came away from reading this book not entirely sure what to categorize it as or what rating to give it. I felt as if he would be hitting on a great topic one second and then "Oh and one time...I was at this place...and this happened." That is not a quote from the book...just how it felt at times.

I wonder if reading his other book about his NDE would be helpful before reading this one. I think part of it was that I am so interested in the Spiritual realm that I thought this would be great and I would be imersed in the book soaking up all he had to teach. I kept waiting for something huge that only someone having a NDE would be able to teach. I guess I came away from this learning that sometimes it takes trials in our lives to teach us a lesson and some people it takes a NDE. We all learn our lessons in different ways.