Saturday, May 14, 2011

Babies Babies Babies!

No I have not had my baby. But thinking about the delivery and how it could be any day now has me thinking about the day I had my other girls. I can remember each day very clearly.

Minnesota birth
The Inquisitor was a whole new experience. I had never done anything like this before so it was all new to me. Being pregnant, being in labor and having a baby. She was born on a beautiful fall day. I actually went into the hospital on her due date and she was born the day after. Labor was hard and I didn't think it was going to be as hard as it was. Near the end I spiked a high fever and then they started to worry about her. I didn't push for long and you could tell there was some concern for her health as doctors and nurses gathered around her little bed. I was able to hold her for a few seconds and then they rushed her off to the NICU where she was the largest baby. They knew she had some kind of infection and she was having respiratory problems, but there seemed to be no answers for all of our questions. Being first time parents it was terrible experience. And our hearts were so relieved when we were finally able to bring her home.

Asia birth
The Emotionalist was probably the most exciting birth. We were living in Asia at the time and gave birth in a local hospital there. I was the first westerner to give birth there and they were so excited. It was amazing to me because I had a nurse by my side the whole time I was in labor. With every contraction she would rub my back or my belly which made the whole process less painful. She was an amazing nurse and even though would couldn't understand each other because of a language barrier she knew what it was that I needed. When it was time for an epidural a man walked in that they claimed was the anesthesiologist. I was sure he was a taxi driver! (Anyone who has ever lived where we did would understand that one!) I told my husband that the man was not going to touch me and I would do it all natural if that's what it meant. Once they told him he was no longer needed he sat down on the couch in my room and was going to watch the American give birth. I kindly asked my interpreter to ask him to leave. So she had my doctor tell him and she said "American babies look the same as Asians when they are born." He got up and left. But that still left two doctors for me, a midwife, 2 nurses for me, 2 doctors for the baby and 2 nurses for the baby. How there was room for my husband and I in that small room I am not sure. But she was born with no problems and I had given birth in a foreign country and naturally for the first time!

California birth
The destroyer was born just as stubborn as she is now. She wanted to come how she wanted to and she didn't want to make it easy on me. I was determined to have another natural birth, but felt so pressured to have an epidural that I didn't have the power to say no anymore and finally just let them do it. She was not turning how she was suppose to and by the end of it all they were talking c-section and I was so fed up with the dr and nurses that I was just ready to have one to get it all done with. Thank God it didn't come to that. He was giving me 15 more mins for her to turn and she did! She was my smallest baby at 8 pounds even and she was so cuddly right after she was born. The hospital was so loud and crazy that I was happy to leave 24 hours after I gave birth!

Iowa birth
The diva came in style. After having to be induced twice I was sure that I would have to be induced again. But she came without having to be induced. After my horrible experience at the last hospital I made sure they knew I didn't want an epidural and that if they kept pushing it I might walk out and have the baby at home! I probably wouldn't do that. I had a pretty easy labor which was good because actually having her was horrible. 2 hours of pushing...2 HOURS! When the doctor caught her she lifted her up and said "Wow she looks like she's 2 months old!" That's right she was my large baby 9lbs 11oz!

So I will have another Iowa birth. This will be strange for me to give birth in the same place more than once. I am a little nervous that I am going to have a rather large baby, but we have been praying for a healthy sized baby that won't be larger than The Diva. Looking forward to sharing some great news with you all!

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  1. This is so awesome Sarah! What a gift this will be for your girls to read this in the future! Love it:)