Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Yum yum yum! I love it when my husband cooks. He is such a good cook and so creative, but some of his best work is breakfast. Today he came home a little late because he went to the store to pick up some breakfast food. I had the choice of pecan french toast or breakfast fajitas. Well I really wanted the french toast, but when he look at his recipe you have to let it sit for 8 hours. This morning I was not willing to wait 8 hours for breakfast so fajitas it was!

I am proud to say my man can cook! I enjoyed my breakfast so much and the fact that I didn't cook it...you guessed it I enjoyed it even more! While I was eating I realized my kids were not really eating the fajitas which were scrambled eggs with onions and bell peppers. No my kids were eating the grapefruit. Does anyone else find this funny? Growing up I would not touch that stuff because of how strong of a taste it had. It was so great to hear one of my girls say "Mom grapefruit is so great. It's sour and so yummy!" Too funny!

I love the fact that my kids will eat almost anything. They enjoy grapefruit and oranges. They love grits with bacon. They really love fried eggs....thinking maybe that's why they didn't want to eat the scrambled eggs. So later after we had gotten breakfast cleaned up I asked The Emotionalist why she didn't want to eat the eggs. "Cause mom you just cut up the egg too much." Yep...maybe we will just stick to fried eggs in this house.

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