Monday, April 4, 2011

Book Review: FamilyLife Marriage Bible

Marriage Bible

Dennis & Barbara Rainey

I received my newest book from Thomas Nelson to blog about on my blog! :) This time for my review they sent me the Marriage Bible. It is in the New King James version and I am not a huge fan of that version. So the actual Bible part of it I can say was not my favorite. I prefer an easier reading version when I read the Bible. I did however enjoy the devotionals that were through out the Bible. They were practical and they really helped with the main purpose of the Bible, bringing couples closer together as they read their Bible. I think as a married couple we have great intentions of reading our Bibles together, but that doesn't always happen. We sometimes get side tracked and get busy with our separate studies. Having the Bible studies that are geared towards couples was great because it would have been awkward to do the studies by myself so it really encouraged me to do them with my husband. I also loved the index which made it easy to find certain subjects that interested us at the time. I thought the child raising tips were excellent and interesting to read. All around I think that this was a great Bible and I would recommend it to married couples. I think it would also make a great wedding gift!

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