Thursday, March 31, 2011

Long time...No time!

Yikes! My life feels like it's flying by! I feel like lately I haven't had much time to really sit down and write. And even if I did I don't know what I would say. My thoughts are jumbled as normal, but with the end of this pregnancy it seems like they are more jumbled.

The Diva is giving me a run for my sanity. She is on full blown cranky right now. She constantly wants to be held and I just can't hold her all the time. She is however extremely funny and has loved playing "this little piggy" over and over and over again! What a joy!

The Destroyer has been her normal self. We are working on potty training with her, but she has really gotten no where! We go back to the Dr. in 4 months if she hasn't made any progress to see what may be the problem. I have been trying so many different ways with her but nothing seems to fit. I am thinking I should change her name to The Superhero since she her expressions and the way she talks is very superheroish! What a joy!

The Emotionalist has been very up and down lately. She is struggling with her older sister growing up and she just isn't ready for it. It's caused some major melt downs on her end. She has gotten bangs which I see has very grown up, and I also am not a fan of them. But she loves we will keep them for now! She has Kindergarten round-up tomorrow! :( What a joy!

The Inquisitor is bossier than normal! But she has been amazing me lately. Her birthday is in October and she is already planning. She wants her birthday to be all about Jesus. So far she plans to read two sections of John 1 which she has been enjoying lately. She also mentioned acting out some stories of Jesus and having an Angel food cake. First she didn't want a cake, because they are not healthy. But we agreed on Angel food since it goes with her theme and is healthier. What a joy!

What a joy! I have been saying that a lot to myself lately. I want to find the joy in life! Jesus is my main source of joy...then my family! How could I not find joy in them? And yet some days I find it I make a point to say it everyday!

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