Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Book Review: Sequin Bible - Pink

Book Review

Sequin Bible - Pink

Just look at this Bible! What little girl wouldn't want to have this...I know I have 4 in my house who are already after it! Thomas Nelson sent me this Bible free for my review. You can check our their book review program here.

The translation of this Bible is International Children's Bible. It's not like you would think a children's Bible is, but it's a complete translation of the Bible that is easy to read and focused on young children who are moderate readers. I would say any kid in the 3rd grade would have an easy time reading and understanding this Bible.

I sat down and read the book of John. Which is a book of the Bible we LOVE in this house. I found it wonderful and easy to understand. This is one Bible I would hand right over to my oldest and not worry about if she understands all the words or not.

One thing I found that I didn't like is it doesn't have any of the extras that most kids Bibles have. No extra information about people or the Bible or places in the Bible. No introductions to the books of the Bible, which I have found my girls really enjoy. They do however have in the back of the Bible a dictionary, Where do I Find it?, What God Promises About...,Memory Verses for my Life and a few maps. I like there little sections but I also felt they were lacking a little bit.

Over all it's a beautiful Bible that is easy to understand and I am sure any girl would love to have!

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