Saturday, March 5, 2011

Let me Clear This up...

So yesterday I wrote about why I don't like the Unitarian church. A blog reader commented that Rob Bell is not teaching Unitarian doctrine, but he is teaching Universal Reconciliation. I am sure she won't mind me sharing what she said about it since she did post it publicly.

Basically, they believe that God is real, the Bible is true, and Jesus died for us. They believe that Jesus died for everyone, and therefore everyone will ultimately be reconciled to God. They emphasize God's great love and grace (true and important!) but don't think you actually have to believe in Christ. The Universalist (in this sense) does believe in Christ, but he also believes that non-Christians are saved too - they just don't know it, so they aren't "enjoying" God's love.

I want to be clear that anything I say after quoting my reader is not against my reader. She was being kind a pointing something out to me and I appreciate that. That is why I have comments enabled for my blog. This is what I got from her explanation of UR:

It doesn't matter if I believe in Jesus or God. It doesn't matter if I believe the Bible is true. It doesn't matter how I live my life because in the end...we are all saved anyway. Yesterday in my post I stated that only God and the individual know if they are going to Heaven. After talking to my husband this morning I changed my mind. Only GOD knows who will be in Heaven. I think Jesus made it clear that there will be plenty of people who are surprised that they aren't in Heaven.

Here is my actual problem I guess. My problem is giving people a false sense of salvation. I believe that God is able to do anything He wants to. He may in the end choose to save everyone. I am not going to say He can't do that because who am I to say He can't do something? But why would Jesus call us to repent if there is really no need to repent? Giving people a false sense of salvation and giving ideas, like it doesn't matter what religion you are or everyone in the end will be save or if you were once saved you will always be saved, is dangerous for us and for them!

My husband and I have talked about this subject a great deal. Our view is I would rather be safe than sorry. I think I mentioned that yesterday. I want to be sure that I love the Lord madly and I am not just wishy washy with Him. I want to challenge you in your relationship with the Lord so that you love Him madly. In the end I don't want to be standing at the gates of Heaven all by myself and the Lord is holding me accountable. He asks me why I didn't share His love. Why I didn't reach out to more people to tell them about Him. Why am I standing at the gates with no friends unsure if I am going to be let in? I don't want my answer to be "Well Lord I thought you were just going to save everyone. So I didn't see the need."

This may not have cleared anything up for anyone on what I think. If that is so feel free to comment. Ask me questions. Get me thinking a little bit more.

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  1. Love him passionately; be zealous for what is right; but trust in his grace for your salvation. It isn't your passion, zeal, righteousness, or good works that get you there: it's completely his grace. (Just to be clear, I don't believe in universal reconciliation.)

    I disagree that only God knows, though. We can have an assurance of our own salvation. Although, as you said, there will be some people who don't make it who thought they would - but these are perhaps those who expect to make it on their own merits, or those who did some religious thing and thought that was the end. Hmm. So some people do have a false assurance of salvation. That doesn't negate a true assurance, though. (If someone else thinks they are you, and you know you are you, you both have the same thought, but one of you is wrong.)
    Interesting topic.

    Sarah L.