Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm Not Going to be Your Favorite Person.

The title of my post today is something that I have come to realize myself. Having been a people pleasure most of my life I wanted to be everyones favorite person. I wanted to be liked by everyone. And if someone had something bad to say about got me so upset and sad. But I know that I am not going to be your favorite person. And today I am posting on something that has been bothering me for a couple of days and it's on a very touchy subject. Well I guess more of a branch off of a very touchy subject.

The other day I was reading the Des Moines Register and getting very frustrated by the headline story. I a world where there is so much going on. People fighting for their freedom, children dying...our headline was about a married lesbian couple in Iowa not being able to have both their names on a birth certificate. Hmmm...anyone see what this was frustrating or is it just me?

Here is what I think...and you are welcome to disagree with me. Only one of them can be the biological parent. Only one of them can really be considered the birth parent. The other has no way for being the birth parent and therefore I believe they should have to adopt the child. It takes one woman and one man to make a child. Those are the birth parents. Those are the ONLY people who should be allowed on the birth certificate.

Here is an example that has nothing to do with gays. If a woman is pregnant and meets a man (who is NOT the father) and they get married 6 months before the baby is born I do not believe that he should be listed as the birth father. He is NOT the birth father. If he wants to have the ability to make decisions for the child when that child is sick in the hospital then the mother can give the permission OR he can adopt the child.

To me marriage is based around the idea of a family. The only way that people can naturally have a family is by a man and a woman. Marriage to me was a religious thing before it became a government thing. Based on religion marriage should be between a man and a woman.

To end because I don't want to keep going and going and going...because I don't think it will do any good....
These women should not be allowed to have both of them on the birth certificate. The 2nd one should have to adopt the child.

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  1. The biological father should be on the birth certificate so the child can have a link to his medical history later if necessary. I don't know the particular case you read about, but what should be done if one woman donates the egg but the other woman carries the baby?

    The woman who gives birth is the "birth mother," but the other is the genetic mother.
    Maybe there should be a third line on the birth certificate for things like that. Or four lines:

    1: Genetic Mother:
    2: Birth Mother:

    3: Genetic Father:
    4: Responsible Father: (This could be for cases like your example, with the couple getting married while the woman is pregnant by another man.)