Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I Heard a Story Today...

I was talking to another mom at a Bible study and she told me a story about her teenage daughter. At school they were made to stand up and were told "If you are for gays and lesbians go to the right side of the gym. If you are against gays and lesbians go to the left side of the gym." My first reaction was I can't believe they made them do this. How uncomfortable is that? It also just seemed wrong. But then she told me her daughter went to the right side of the gym and stood up for the gays and lesbians. Without even asking her why she was doing it her friends ripped on her for standing up with the gays and lesbians. They yelled across the gym "You are suppose to be Catholic you should be over here with us. Being gay is a sin!" Even the people standing with her told her she was a good Catholic girl and should move to the other side. So her daughter came home and told her what had happened and during the day her friends gave her such a hard time, but never asked her why she did it.

Her mom asked "Well...why did you do it?"
"Mom. You've always told me to love the sinner, but hate the sin. If that is what I am suppose to do how can I stand up against them? I have to love them as people. I don't have to agree with what they are doing. I don't have to approve of their lifestyle. But I do have to love them. It's what Jesus would have done."

WOW! What a wise teenage girl.

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