Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Well I am back again! I had some very VERY busy weeks for our household so I took sometime off of writing my blog. So here I am back again. I know I can hear some of you moaning already! :)

I actually was feeling pretty discouraged about my blog. I had some pretty hard hit areas. I know some of you saw some of what happened on facebook with one post, but I have also had people bring things up in person that I had written and they had strong disagreements. It can really wear a person down...

Now don't get me wrong. I am fine if people disagree with me. I actually would think it was very sad if people didn't. I mean how else would I grow...how would anyone grow? I don't want a bunch of zombies following me and making me feel like everything I say is perfect and right. I am well aware that there is only one person who has always been perfect and right...Jesus. I guess I just wish people could come around it all in a different way. More of well here's my opinion instead of YOU ARE WRONG! People can be harsh in this world.

I try to act like I am thick skinned, but really I am not always. Believe me I have come a LONG ways, but I still keep myself tender, because who wants to talk to someone who is hard and calloused? Who enjoys talking to a bitter person? I know I don't...but still there is a need to have some kind of thick skin if you are going to be talking about your opinion...but I get worn out at times.

There are so many people with so many different opinions. I never claim that my opinion is 100% right. I never claim that I know it all...but if I don't share my opinions how will anyone ever see a different way to look at things? And how will I ever grow in my life...because if I don't share what I think will others share what they think? I don't see anything wrong with people sharing their opinions...I just think we have to be careful how we share them. So please know that my thoughts are mine...if you don't agree feel free to share...but lets do it in a loving way.

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