Thursday, April 12, 2012

She Makes me Think

The Inquisitor had four teeth pulled and she put them under her pillow waiting for me to put money under her pillow. Yes she knows that I am the real tooth fairy. It was funny because she told the dental assistant that it was really mom who puts the money there. The assistant told her she better believe in the tooth fairy if she wants to get her money. The Inquisitor then told her she would rather believe the truth.

Well this morning I realized I forgot to put the money under her pillow and I said something while we were in her room...not realizing that The Emotionalist was right behind me. You should have seen the look on her face! "You NEVER told me!" And she walks over to the stairs and sits down so disappointed. What struck me was that she wasn't disappointed that the tooth fairy wasn't real, she was disappointed that I didn't tell her!

So I sat her down and asked her if she wanted me to let her know about other things...and she said yes. So I sat her down and let her know about Santa, the Easter Bunny...each time I said something wasn't real she would say "Yeah...I know that!" Then she goes on to tell me that Leprechauns are also not real and that the pot of gold isn't really at the end of the rainbow.

My husband and I both thought that The Emotionalist knew that the tooth fairy wasn't real. We figured she was just pretending because we knew she didn't believe in the rest of them. She was fine after we had our little talk. I assured her that I would let her know from now on. I never figured that it would be like this...that she would be upset with me for not telling her. Anyway...she made me think today! I love when my kids make me think! :)

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