Saturday, September 11, 2010

Book Review: Out Live Your Life

Out Live Your Life
You were Made to Make a Difference
Max Lucado
I love books that give me a challenge! And that is what Max Lucado always seems to do. This book did a wonderful job of encouraging me to get out of my comfort zone and go do something
that will change this world. This seems to be a theme in the books I have been getting from Thomas Nelson. That is good though. Sometimes it takes God a little bit longer to get His point across. Max does a great job in showing examples of people who are just ordinary people who steeped out and made a difference. Most of the time I think "There is no way I can make a difference. I am just a ordinary mom.". He also does a great job of showing that age should not be an obstacle. Gave me such encouragement to teach my kids this at an early age. If you haven't read a Max Lucado book...this would be a great one to start with! I would recommend this book to ANYONE. I would also recommend this book for teens!

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  1. I really loved Outlive Your Life and found it very inspirational! I'm sharing a copy with a friend today! I also wrote a review of it here: