Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I would change that...

But I just don't feel like it. I noticed tonight that I wrote KING instead of KIND in the title of my last blog. Oh well...if it bothers you deal with it. :) I meant that in the kindest way possible! :)

I am loving today. It's been a great day. I thought I should blog about it since most of my blogs lately are book reviews or depressing blogs. Lots has gotten done in the house and the girls helped out tons today! It's was truly a wonderful day. Then we all went to the pool for swimming lessons and to hang out a bit. Yesterday the pool was full of people...today NO ONE was there. But it was a bit more relaxing with fewer people there. Tonight was our planned pizza and family movie night. The girls wanted to watch Battle for Terra which was a fun little movie for us to watch together. We love Godfather's cheap pizza night...makes a pretty easy night for me in the kitchen.

The sweetest thing today was D took The Baby with him while he picked up milk and juice at the store and got our pizza. When he got home he had roses for me! I love getting flowers and I love getting them for no reason! I love it when he makes me feel like a treasure!

Also today I have started reading my new book for my review blogging. I am excited about it. I have only read the first chapter and a half...but feel like God has so much to teach me from this book. It also helps that the author has a good sense of humor. While I am reading the book at times I hear D's voice in my head...which makes me think...Mom you may not want to read the book! Hahaha! Might be a bit sarcastic. Well you can always try it out.

So looking forward to this weekend. We are taking the girls to the Zoo for The Diva's birthday. I am so excited. It's hard to believe that she is going to be 2 on Friday. My girls are growing up too fast. Someone help me stop them! I need them to stay my little girls.

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