Monday, July 11, 2011

It's a blog king of night!

So I was just talking to D today about how I am feeling pretty good about how I look. Which seemed funny to me since I have been dealing with a bit of depression here and there. I wasn't quiet brave enough to get into my swimming suit...but I did today.

So then I was at the swimming pool most of the day today with the girls. D went with us for a bit this afternoon because he was having a hard time sleeping. Then tonight for swimming lessons I went by myself. It was funny because on my way out this lady stopped me. She had a little flyer in her hand. I thought this nice little old lady had something she wanted to sell me. I wasn't really in the mood for talking since I was trying to get the girls out of the pool and get everyone home. But I stopped to give her a little chat. Oh little did I know what she had to hand me. It was a weight loss thing. Well it's really more than that. A lot about getting your energy back and losing the weight. Wow...really? I didn't think I looked that desperate or bad. Well it's a good thing tonight is my 2nd day in my couch to 5k program. That will make me feel better. I am sure the lady had the best intentions.

My goal is not to lose weight. Although that would be awesome. Losing weight would be a bonus of doing this. My goal is to run a 5k. If I have the goal to lose weight 2 things could happen. 1. I will give up because I won't lose the weight fast enough. 2. I will start unhealthy habits in order to lose the weight. Running a 5k...well I have my cousin to keep me in check because we have a 5k to run together next year!

Well it's a random blog...but sometimes funny things happen to me and I just feel like I have to sit down and blog about it. And now that most of my kids have settled down and D is alert and helping with the baby I can do on my run!

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