Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Book Review: It Couldn't Just Happen

It Couldn't Just Happen
Knowing the Truth About God's Awesome Creation
Lawrence O. Richards

I love a book that is going to challenge. I also love a book that is going to help parents with those hard questions that children ask when they come home from school after they just learned something new. This book does both of those. It's a challenge for my children and a help for me and my husband.

The first thing that stood out about this book was it's wonderful cover and it's great art and pictures through out the book. It really makes it a wonderful book for the home and for a gift.

I had a hard time getting this book away from The Inquisitor. It's her new obsession book and she doesn't want to put it down or give it to mom. But I had to be creative so I could get it read so I could get my review done!

One thing I loved about this book is that it's not your typical "take my word for it" type of book. That is normally what I find. This book encourages you to take time to look things up and to study different things on your own. It's had a section at the end of each chapter that is called "Just For Fun". This section has 5 questions, suggestions or experiments you can do. I am excited for our kids to start doing these.

I also love that the book is full of Bible verses and Science. Many times people think the two can't mix. I am sick of people separating the two. I am so happy to see someone finally mixing them and showing that science can show intelligent design. This book actually has me wanting to watch the movie "Expelled" again.

This is a great book that can bring up lots of great conversations. Even if you don't believe in ID or Creationism I still think it's a good book for you to read. I have done my fair share of study on Evolution, I would like to see some of you do some study on ID. And don't just take someone else's word for it. Pick up a few books, this one included, and start to study. :)

I receive this book from Thomas Nelson( for my honest review.

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