Monday, August 1, 2011

So Much to Say...

Well I have been extremely busy and I just realized that I hadn't written about our car breaking down and how God blessed us that day.

We were on our way to our alumni picnic. We were excited to see lots of friends we hadn't seen in a LONG time and just getting to talk to everyone. We were nearly there when all of a sudden everything in our car went bad. The battery light was one, the power steering wasn't working and the car started to overheat. Just our luck I thought. A couple of years ago our car broke down in Sioux Falls, SD and that cost us more than we could afford. So we pulled over into a trailer park and I sat there thinking..."there goes my car!" I was thinking there was no way we could afford to fix it again. I was sure that the bill would be well over $300 not adding in towing and all that.

Well here was our second problem. I only had one number of someone at the college and I knew they wouldn't be home since they would be a the reunion that we were suppose to go to. So I started dialing numbers I knew were campus numbers. I actually ended up calling our old number and finally reached someone. The only problem was she didn't actually work with the college...she worked with another school. But she gave me numbers of two people I could call. One happened to be the mom of one of my friends in my class. So I called her! I told her what happened and let her know we just needed a ride to campus so we could figure out what to do. Well her suburban was being used, but I could call her daughter who was with the rest of my class and maybe they could all figure it out. So I called my friend.

I got her on the phone and told her what had happened and that we just needed a ride. Well she had planned for the people borrowing her parents car could give us a ride. But then her husband wanted to talk to my husband to see if he could figure out what was wrong. Well get this...He know what was wrong and we was going to stop and get his tools and a part and come fix our car! Is God good or what??? Well it was a bit more than just what he thought...but he was still able to fix it all. Most of the one section of the car had to come out and be put back in...but he fixed it!

So we could look at it it took all day and we only got to be at a small part of the picnic. Or we could look at it like this...

We almost didn't go. Then we could have broken down around here. The fixing would have cost us a LOT more. But we did go. We called a random number and the lady gave us two numbers. I chose the one I knew the best who gave me the number of her daughter whose husband fixes cars in his spare time....and he FIXED our car! We were so blessed.

Thank you to our friends who helped us know who you are!

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  1. I am so glad that your vehicle got fixed and I got to see you and meet all your daughters.