Saturday, August 20, 2011

Just Want to Write...

She loves to be goofy for pictures! I LOVE it!

that's our oldest "The Inquisitor"! She is growing up so fast! We just mentioned today how quickly she is growing and how fast it's gone by. Before we know it another 7 years will go by and she will have her permit and be begging us to let her drive us places!

Right now she is reading "The Diary of Anne Frank". She is loving it. Her heart is so tender and she was talking to me about how unfair it was that the Jews were being treated so bad. I asked her what she would do if she lived during that time. She said she would help the Jews in anyway she could. This made me think of Corrie Ten Boom. I rented "The Hiding Place" and can't wait to see how excited she is that someone reached out to help the Jews.
She is also excited about keeping a diary. Looks like I know what I am getting her for her birthday! I hope she writes often. I want to see her writing skills grow as much as her reading has. I hope that she is enjoys it just as much...sometimes with the things she tells me I think she could be a great story teller. Someday I hope to read a novel she has written!

I plan on writing another blog after we watch "The Hiding Place".

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  1. Aww, it sounds lovely that she is enjoying reading and wants to keep a diary that was always something that I'd enjoy doing when I was younger. I hope the best for her and she continues with it :)