Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What Happened to Purity????

As I sit and watch America's Got Talent, again I am wondering to myself "What has happened to purity?" I find it sad that a show that should be fun for me to watch with my kids has turned into a show I don't even want to watch myself. When I turn on the TV is it now that in order for me to enjoy a show I must watch women dressed in a little bit of nothing? Listen to songs that need to have half of them bleeped out just to be able to be on TV? Hear people singing about "Doing" someone? Watching people pole dancing? I don't want to subject myself to that...there is no way I would put my kids in front of something like that! Sigh...

People wonder why there is a rise in teen pregnancy? And they want to blame MTV's show Teen Moms or 16 and Pregnant? I think there was a problem WAY before the shows. I think there is a problem with what we are teaching our youth in America and what we are letting them watch and listen to.

I think talking to our kids about birth control and safe sex has caused a huge problem in our country. I think it has made more kids become interested in "trying things" and "experimenting". I hate to tell you there is only one kind of safe sex...that would be NO SEX. I hate seeing all of these young teens going around trying out things with others. It's chipping away at your heart until you feel nothing at all. Each time you are giving a little piece of yourself away to someone who you possibly don't even love. What happens when it comes to the day you are to be married? All those people you gave yourself to before you gave yourself to the one you spend the rest of your life with. I hate seeing people devalue themselves. You are worth SO much more!

Think about saving yourself for the one special person. How much more special will that intimacy be? I just can't stand watching people treat sex like it's no big deal. It's a gift...meant to be shared between husband and wife.

I think if we want to see teen pregnancy go down we need to stop giving our teenage daughters birth control. We need to talk to our children and tell them about the wonderful thing sex is and how it's a gift that God has given us to shared between a husband and wife. We need to be honest with our children before the world tells our kids that having sex with anyone is long as you are being safe.

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  1. There was a problem way before the shows! That's the reason those shows exist!
    So here is my 2 cents on this...I think schools should stay out of it, and leave it to the parents to talk to their children about it! When I was in school, they didn't teach abstinence, they just told us to use protection....blah blah blah...
    But the really sad part is for a lot of kids (me included) that even if they are not having sex their parents run them to the nearest "Planned Parenthood" and puts them on birth control, because they know they will have sex...Well doing that tells them that it is OK.
    But that is just my thought!