Sunday, August 28, 2011

Guess what we are doing...

So do you have this problem where your kids love to give you art work and you have piles and piles of papers sitting around with all the beautiful drawings...but you just can't keep them all? I have that problem times 4...soon to be times 5! So in the newest issue of Family Fun Magazine they had this idea. Artist trading cards. So now my scrap paper box for the girls no longer has regular sized paper for the girls. It has these...

All my scrap paper is going to be cut into small "trading cards" for the girls to do their artwork on. They can keep their art work or they can trade them! So fun! And here is my huge pile of scrap paper waiting to be cut. I am wanting to cut it all at once and have a huge pile. This way I won't be cutting paper every time the girls want to do art work!
Here is one of our binders with the trading cards in it. The Inquisitor has given all of her artwork away and doesn't have any in her binder, so I just put some blank ones in it. We had so many binders in our house that we didn't have to buy any!
Now here is something I want to do. I want to inspire others to do this too. I want to find others who are interested in doing card swaps and the kids can make cards for others and send them around. How fun would that be??? Leave a comment if you are interested.

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