Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Midnight Worship in the Kitchen

So I made the choice today to start up the Multitudes on Mondays again. This time taking in much more serious than I did before. I am carrying around a little booklet with me writing down seven gifts from God in my day. I actually wrote down my first one today "Midnight worship in the kitchen"

Tonight while I was in the kitchen finishing up my dishes, God really showed me how wrong the world is and how right He is. He gave me a gift of worship in the kitchen tonight. I am sure that if anyone walked passed my kitchen window (The only room in the house that happens to not have any blinds or curtains) they were probably wondering what was going on. And for a second I almost stopped thinking that someone might walk by and see me. But what kept me going is thinking about how much God delights in my worship. Have you tell you it was one of the best worship times I have had in a long time! Thank you God for that little gift.

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  1. I love God moments like this one. One of my most memorable moments with God took place in my little half bath after I had moved into my first apartment with two friends from college. God meets us truly right where we are when we seek Him.