Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sing to the Tree

Oh The Emotionalist is such a sweet little girl. I would have snapped a picture of her, but we all had to sing to the tree with her tonight...I am sure she would have been upset if I would have run off to get the Camera.

A few nights ago we watched "A Charlie Brown Christmas". Oh it was such a wonderful night of pizza, family and little cartoon kids quoting scripture! But the thing that impressed my little girl the most was when they sang to the Christmas tree. She has been begging and begging for us to sing to the tree! She really wanted to do it right too. We had to hold hands and she wanted us to go all the way around the tree. This probably would have been possible since we have enough people in our family, but our tree is in a corner so we just couldn't make that happen.

The Emotionalist had it down too. She stood and sang just like the cartoons did.

If you watch this till the end of it you will see what I mean. She really payed attention to these guys and I am not joking she had it down! She looked so uncomfortable, but she had to stand and sing like that the whole time! I love the things my kids do! So fun!

I think every Christmas this will be something we do! I had such a great time!

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