Saturday, December 17, 2011

Son of a Preacher Man... I am not the son of a preacher man, but my husband is. Also my mom was the daughter of a preacher man. Some people often wonder where I get my adventurous spirit from. I love to travel. I love living in foreign lands. If we were given the opportunity to move overseas...even with 5 little girls we would jump on it and go! So where did this sense of adventure come from? Some may think it's because I was a small town girl who just wanted to get away. Me...I think it's in my genes...I think it came from my grandparents.

I have never known my grandparents. Both of them passed away before I was born, but for some reason I always felt a close connection to them. When I was about 12 or so I was looking through my mom's cedar chest. Cracking open that long chest and smelling the cedar always felt me with such warm feelings. It was full of history and family memories. Old dolls, jewelry, and a small coin purse my mom took to prom. It was just full of so many wonderful things and I loved asking my mom questions about all the stuff. This time I think I had pulled out few papers that had been in there. Among them was my grandfathers obituary, and that was when I had learned that he had died years before I was born...on my birthday. I don't know why it effected me but I do remember tears coming to my eyes. The connection I felt with him seemed to be even stronger. It was like God was trying to tell me something about this man.

I remember when I was in the 4th grade I was suppose to write about the oldest person I knew. I chose my grandma who died before my parents got married, before I was a thought in their minds...before I took my first breath. I don't know why I chose her, but I did. I didn't know in a way I really didn't follow the directions. If I remember right I believe I wrote about how wonderful it would be to have known her. I had envisioned myself standing next to her baking cookies with her in her kitchen. I longed so much for a relationship with her that in away I made one up. I didn't know that my paper I wrote would be posted up with ones from the rest of the class in a window for everyone walking on Main Street to read. :)

For a very sort time in my life I wanted to be a doctor. I had this amazing science teacher in middle school who really put a love for science in my life. I still love science, but God did something different in my life. He put a love to sharing His word and sharing about his Son Jesus who came to save us. I went to a Billy Graham crusade and that was it...I wanted to be an Evangelist. I wanted to travel around America and share with people about Jesus. Little did I know where this passion would lead me...all the way to Asia!

But shortly after really wanting to do this my mom told me that before her dad and mom were married he was a traveling preacher. I also came to find out that my grandma was a traveling singer and that this is how they eventually met. It's in my blood...that passion to share Jesus and not have boundaries that keep me tied down. But knowing that everyone needs to hear, and where ever God leads it be this small town or on the other side of the sea...Sharing Jesus is the most important.

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