Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Buddy!

Does anyone remember the My Buddy dolls? "My Buddy...My Buddy and me!" Oh how I always wanted one of those. I thought they were the coolest things! Well today I have one! The Diva is my buddy today. Really...I mean she is wanting to do everything with me today. She is right there behind me while I am walking and right now she is on my lap while I type this. She truly is my buddy and a great one at that. I can remember days that this would have gotten on my nerves and once or twice so far it kind of has, but only because I actually tripped over her. I have learned more to love these times and really take advantage of the moments my kids want to spend with me. She is a doll and I hope you enjoy these pictures of her from today! We are having fun!

Update...I am sure not many noticed this...but she would actually be Kid Sister...not My Buddy! Hahaha!

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