Monday, January 9, 2012


So I had over 100 people read my blog about my hair challenge! Nothing like being kept accountable I suppose! the number grows of the people reading this my chances of being busted sitting in the stylist's chair are getting higher and higher! I can hear you all now if you were to see the scissors coming close to my hair..."NO! You can't do it...I just read your blog!"

So now that am on the topic of hair I thought I would share this with you... again forgive the picture. My husband is sleeping before he goes to work so again I am taking my own picture. Not something I have ever been very good at....just ask my mom.

So this is my newest hair style. I had asked awhile ago if anyone had a hair crimper that I could barrow, and some one had one! I was excited...but then found out it wasn't an 80's style crimper it's a 00's style one. I had never see one like it but I gave it a try...and this is what I got! So fun! 

Well I noticed something today. I had a TON more people talking to me. Not just people I knew, but I had people who I have never talked to before and who would normally not pick me out of the crowd to talk to. I would say I am a pretty approachable person. But there is just a type of person that I don't always attract. It's hard to really say and I am trying to say it nicely too. 

This is a group of people that I often feel is over looked by the church sometimes. They are the normal church going people so many times we don't take the time to really talk to them. Their lifestyle can be offensive and their language can be harsh. But I know Jesus would love on them and share his time with them. Because wasn't he that one who was the friend of sinners? I like to take after him. I like to make these people feel the love of God, but it's not always easy. I don't have a lot in common with them and every time I hear a cuss word come out of their mouths, which is pretty often, my teeth clinch. For so long I have wanted to get to know some of these more "rougher" people. But when you can't find things in common with them right off the bat it's hard. 

So I started to wonder if my less than normal looking hair attracted them and made them feel like I was a bit more approachable to them. I had people asking me about my hair and people asking me if I was ever going to have a boy. So it was a range of conversation and I think maybe I do think God has used my hair today. I know such a funny thing to think. Honestly though I think God can use so many different things to open up doors with people.

Now as I grow my hair out...I think I am going to continue to find new ways of doing it. Ways that seem out of the box and different. Not something typical of a mom with 5 little girls...and not something thought to be "churchie". I think this is going to be fun!


  1. One thing I know, my hair starts more conversation than any other part of me.