Saturday, January 8, 2011

Book Review: Hannah's Promise

Hannah's Promise
Arlene Pinkley Ussery

Have you ever looked at Bible stories through the eyes of the people who are in them? Have you ever wondered how they felt? What they were thinking? Or what they might have done in certain situations? I know that I have done this a lot. It's something that I have thought about many times while reading the Bible. That's why some of my favorite books are Biblical fiction.

Arlene does a great job of putting you in the shoes of Hannah. I have never known what it is like to be barren and wanting a child. I don't know the feelings of a women who's husband takes a second wife. But through Hannah's Promise I in a way have experienced those things. I have read the story of Hannah many times, but now I have experienced it in a whole different way. I got to experience Hannah's heartache, disappointments, frustrations and her happiness.

I have read many Biblical fiction books and historical fiction and either you hit it on the mark or you fail greatly. Arlene hits the bullseye. I suggest you head over to and check out her website...and order a book while you are there! :)

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