Saturday, January 8, 2011

Book Review: Slave

The Hidden Truth About Your Identity in Christ
John MacArthur

Don't let the title of this book make you walk away from it. This book is one of the most challenging and interesting books I have read in a long time. After reading this when I read about our relationship with Christ in the Bible I see it in a totally different way. A lot of people probably could have written this book, but no one would have done it as well as MacArthur did. He gives you proof of a "conspiracy" to take slavery out of the Bible. Historical background of what slavery was like in the 1st century and why it was used to show how our relationship should be with Christ. After reading this book, every time you read the Bible and see the word servant you will start changing it to slave!

Personally it challenged me to change how I viewed my relationship with Christ. It was also wonderful to read about how in the Old Testament either the Jews were slaves to God or if they walked away from God, He allowed their enemy's to enslave them. Kind of in the same way for us we are either slaves to Christ or we are slaves to sin.

So do you feel like being challenged? Do you want your relationship with God to be what it should be? Who is your master....God or Sin? My this book!

Oh one more thing...if you are a King James only person...this will really make you think! :)

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