Wednesday, January 5, 2011

NT Day 1 Part 1...

So this is going to take me longer than I thought...I still plan to do it in the 30 days, but the days they have as "grace days" will be reading days for me. Today you read Matthew 1-12. That is A LOT of reading! But I am committed.

So today I read Chapters 1-4 of Matthew. I plan to read a bit more...maybe when my girls are in bed. Chapter 1 was filled with what most people think as boring genealogy. I use to think it was boring until I realized the importance of it. Needing to know that Jesus would come from the line of King I always read it instead of skipping over it. But more what got my attention in the first couple of chapters is Joseph.

He is such a mystery to me. A lot of times when I see him depicted in a book or in a movie there are two ways they always seem to show him. One they always show him as very meager and taking a backseat to everything. Or they show him as almost biter. I think of him as a wonderful man who was so open to God speaking to him. He was sensitive in his dreams and listened to God when he was told to do something. He didn't question he didn't argue...he just did it. When everything inside of him told him that Mary was unfaithful and he didn't want to be with her...he listened to the Angel that God sent to him. He chose to believe the angel God sent. He took Mary and trusted her and cared for a child that was not his...but was the Son of God. What a responsibility to have...what a great task!

And then there is John the gotta love that guy! Anyone have any thoughts on John?

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  1. Grace days are important! About a year and a half into a 61-day survey of the bible, I'm still on day 50-something. LOTS of grace days! But I'm still reading! Just don't give ever many grace days you need!