Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Book Review: Our Last Great Hope

Book Review
Our Last Great Hope
Ronnie Floyd

Who was Jesus talking to when He gave the great commission? Was he just talking to those "higher up" such as missionaries, pastors or evangelist? How many of us actually know what the great commission is? Do we know where to find it? Sadly lots of Christians don't think it applies to them. They don't know what it is...and they don't know where to find it. 

This is what I love about Floyd's book. It talks about the urgency of the great commission and how it applies to everyone of us. One of my favorite sections was "Accept the Urgency". Many of us in the church today do not have a sense of urgency. We always think "We will have tomorrow." But there are many things to point us to the fact that we may not always have tomorrow. For example the 21 year old my husband worked with who just died. Everyday is a gift and everyday is an opportunity to share the love of Christ and to share the gift that he gave us. 

I also love how he hit different points in our lives. Transforming our families. That if we have a family life that isn't good but we go out and try to fulfill the great commission what good are we doing? He talks about the importance of being disciples to our children and evangelizing them. He talks about captivating our communities. Kind of goes along with something I said before...if you or your church were to leave the community you are in, would there be a difference? Would the community notice?

My favorite was Talk to Jesus Daily. Just the title alone makes me want more. Makes me want to make sure that I am talking that time each day to be with Jesus. He is the one who gave the great commission and so we should be tuned with him and talking to him daily to keep on track. 

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