Friday, October 14, 2011

My Broken Heart

My heart was broken yesterday while I was talking to a grandma. Her granddaughter was in The Inquisitor's class a couple of years ago. We were talking about a few different things and she was talking about how she really wanted her daughter to have faith instilled in her at a young age. There are a number of things that go into that actually happening, but then she shared with me that her granddaughter didn't want to go to AWANAS on Wednesday nights anymore. When I asked her why she said "There are a few little girls who tease her there." My heart ripped apart for this girl. I know how hard it is as a little girls to be teased because you don't fit in. It happened to me almost everyday at school. But church was the one place I fit in. It was the one place I was accepted for who I was. It was ok that I had a large amount of one made fun of me because this was the place to fit in. This is a place where no one should be treated with disrespect. 

I told her to talk to her granddaughter. I wanted her to come back to church and I wanted her to feel safe there and that no one would tease her. So I tell her if she wants to come I will pick her up and I will make sure that she is treated well. I want to show this little girl the love of Christ and I can't stand that the teasing she has gotten has partially happened at a church. I want to show her that this is nothing of God. God would not want her to be teased at one of His places of worship. Wow...not only do we have to stand up against this at schools and parks...but now it's gotten into church. Sigh...and I can only imagine that part of it has to do with the problem of gossiping among people in the church. Whoa! I think that's a whole different blog post!

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