Monday, October 3, 2011

Nothing Like a Good Boost!

This weekend was busy for me. I took newborn pictures and also did couple pictures. So I had a blast...but I was tired! We also did a bit of shopping and a trip to Chuck E. Cheese's since The Inquisitor has a birthday coming soon! So that added to the exhaustion!

But my highlight of the week was the couple pictures I took. Here is a little look at them....
They are a wonderful couple and I really understand them well. They got married young (like me!) which is not socially acceptable anymore...but I am totally on their side and so is God!

They almost had me in tears when they said they looked up to my husband and I on how we raise our girls. We honestly don't hear that a lot and more often we get criticism for somethings we choose to do. So not only was it a great time taking their pictures it was also a very uplifting time! God knows what you need when you need it! Thanks so much you two for letting God work though your lives!

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