Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Are you on a bicycle built for two with God?

Lots of people talk about God being their pilot and they are the co-pilot of their lives. But when I think about it that way I think of a plane full of people and why should I be the co-pilot and none of them are? Also I always felt like it gave me too much control over my situations. For example, if I didn't like what God was doing or what direction He was going I could always take over. So now I am starting to think that maybe I should go on a bicycle built for two with God and let him be in front.
You know the person in the front really has all the control of where the bike will go. Do you think maybe that is how we should be with God? Letting him have the front driving seat? We do our part on the back. We still have to pedal and help get to our destination. It can't all be God, He still needs us to do our part. I think though that God wants us to allow Him to direct where our lives will go. We need to give Him the steering power. Just a thought for today.

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