Sunday, December 26, 2010

I love fun presents! The best presents are the ones that you can play with over and over again and not get tired of them. Much like the present that is pictured below that cost us almost nothing and to think I almost told my husband not to get them! What was I thinking? The Inquisitor and The Emotionalist have been playing with these non-stop since Christmas. They make an outfit and then tell me where they worn and by's so much fun!This outfit is apparently a beach outfit that will be made for me. I asked if it was a cover to go over my swimming suit. Nope. Apparently it's just to be worn to the beach...not sure I will be going in the water with this one. This outfit is to be worn to dinner with daddy. I am not sure if it's for me or them. I wouldn't mind wearing something like this out to eat with my husband! This outfit is to drive in! LOL! I mean it would look really good if I was driving around in a fancy sports car! :) I think it makes a nice center piece for my table...matches the table cloth!
I think mine and my husband's love for Project Runway is rubbing off on our girls! :) I think pretty soon it might be a family show to watch!

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