Monday, August 9, 2010

I Hate Going to the Doctor!

I am not a huge fan of going to the doctor. It's not that I don't go at all, but usually I but it off as long as I can. I think I may know my reasons, but that is for another day...

This year I have had my fill of being to the doctor. We have a wonderful doc, but I don't feel like seeing him multiple times a month. The baby has had many ear infections. Then she got tubes and then more appointments for ear infections. Sigh...She seems to be doing great now!

I had an appointment today and it was so frustrating. After being told that I may have thyroid problems I was looking forward to today. Being able to go over results and get this lump in my throat gone. Well turns out my thyroid is fine. Which is great...but what about this lump in my throat? So I am doing a swallowing test in hopes that we can find something out. If I just live with this?

I just want to give it all to God. Pray that this lump goes away and that I no longer have to wonder why I have this in my throat. There are other symptoms I have, but this one is for sure the most annoying. I know that I have a great God. Just pray that this will all be figured out!

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