Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Real Jesus...From The Bible!

So I was passing the cornfields today and it made me think about Jesus. Many of you don't know how heavenly Iowa is, and I am sure if Jesus were to live in today's times he would have chosen Iowa! :) Ok...back to reality now. :) The corn really did make me think of Jesus. It made me wonder how many people really know the REAL Jesus. You know that guy from the Bible...the one who is the way the truth and the life. He said "No one can come to the Father, but through me." And then He died on the cross to make that a reality.

Now you may be thinking. Corn Jesus...I don't get it. When we lived in Asia there was an abundance of street food. Most of it is amazing and we would eat it almost every day! During one of our first weeks there I smelled this wonderful was sweet corn. I thought. The smell was great and it looked so good and then I bit into it. What did I just eat? It tasted just like field corn. There was no bit of sweetness in that corn! My hopes of having a homestate comfort was crushed. It smelled like sweet corn and it looked like sweet corn. But when it really came down to it and I finally ate wasn't sweet corn! I was fooled!

How many of us are being fooled by a different Jesus? We think...well he looks like Jesus. He does things that Jesus would do. But when it really comes down to it and we read our Bible and see how Jesus is. It's not really Jesus. We are watering Him down to be what we want Him to be. A Jesus to fit our lifestyle. Have you sat down and read your Bible lately? I challenge you to do so. When you do...let me know who Jesus is.

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