Monday, August 9, 2010

Multitude Monday

holy experience

I am starting a new project on Mondays. I know just what I need is another project! But this one will be worth it. Multitude Monday is all about counting my blessings! I think my plan is to try and put a picture with each of my blessings. We will see how it goes! :) So 10 each Monday...the plan is to make it to 1000. I know I have many more than that!

1. A great God who is always there for me. Who loves me unconditionally
2. A Godly husband who loves, protects and guides our family! A husband who works to provide for his family!
3. The Inquisitor who keeps me on my toes!
4. The Emotionalist who reminds me it's ok to feel your feelings!
5. The Destroyer who lets me know what being a kid is suppose to look like!
6. The Baby who always gives me a smile and then a hug EVERY time I see her!
7. For friends who laugh with us in the middle of Pizza Hut!
8. For new friends made this week
9. Rains reminding us of God's love
10. Beautiful flowers sitting on my table

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