Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day...Full of Love

There is never a dull moment in our house. I am sure pretty much any of you could have figured that out. We had a wonderful time on Father's day. The girls spent the days before coloring and drawing pictures for Daddy. They even made him a cute little necklace with beautiful beads and in the middle is says DAD. He wore it proudly! Thanks to our wonderful neighbor who helped the girls make that necklace! I am thinking he even wore it to work last night! :)

The girls were excited to see Daddy on the stage at church. He played bass this week and we always get excited when we see him playing! We also took Daddy and Grandpa (Gwampa) out for lunch. It was a loud lunch. But for once it wasn't because of our girls...there were just SO many people there that we could hardly find a place to park or sit and we could hardly hear each other talk. But because our church ended late we got there near the end of their rush time so shortly after we got there people started leaving. The end of our meal time was pretty peaceful.

My husband spent the day just in awe of our life now. 5 girls! A house full of noise, happiness and blessings. What a full life we have. God has truly blessed us!

The girls started VBS this week and it was great! My husband and I walked to the church to pick them up. On the way home one would say "God made you!" Then the others would respond "Thank you God!" Makes us smile to hear them say something like that!

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  1. SO glad he liked his necklace...Ali made one for Cory too and I think he too wore it all day and to work under his shirts...too funny....glad to be of help to you...hope things are getting better...we are always here when you need us!! Missy