Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Where's my Medal??

So something I hear a lot right now is "You deserve a medal!" I have heard it before, but now that there are five little girls following me around I seem to hear it more. There are all kinds of different medals people think I deserve. Some of them I try to ignore and shrug off. Others I try to keep close to me and keep as a reminder that I am doing a pretty good job and I have five amazing girls.

There are the medals that say "You are crazy!" This one I just give a nice little nod to. Making too big of a fuss over this one would make me go crazy.

Then there is the medal of "I would never do what you are doing!" Normally I hear this one when I am in the grocery store with all five of them at once. At times I take this one as an insult, but then I try to remember that I can do what I am doing. I am able to take them all to the grocery store and not forget too much of what I needed. Most people probably wouldn't attempt taking them all. (Just so you know...I don't always take them all with me. I try to go when I have my husband to watch the girls or someone else who is able to help out.)

The one that bugs me the most is "Don't you know what causes that?" This one I heard most while I was pregnant. It's the one when people say it I try to ignore their comment. I try to pretend that they didn't even say it. I wonder how they would feel if they were with their parents and someone said that to their mom. Or even if they had their kids running around them and someone said it. This has really made me think about what I say to other people. How would I feel if someone said it to me? But really it's nice to talk to other people with large families because it's something we can all laugh about.

One that I kind of laugh about "Are they all yours?" Why yes...yes they are! I get this one really. I am young and my kids are all pretty young. Most people my age are just starting to have their first. Most of them aren't even married yet and are still in the party stage of life. So it's ok...I get the question.

The one I got on Sunday was the best. We only had 4 of our girls at Pizza Hut for lunch. My mom and dad had taken out our oldest. I was dealing with the girls and it seemed like they were all going crazy. I mean everyone had to go potty at different times. The pizza was too hot. They needed help blowing on their pizza. One dropped a piece on the floor and took a dive after it which caused her to hit her chin on the table. The baby needed to eat and as usual she was fussy the WHOLE time eating. So I was tired when we finished. As we were walking out this lady looked at me and said "You deserve a medal!" I laughed it off with a little chuckle sure that she thought I was crazy and that my kids were wild. Then after that she actually made me tear up a little. She said "You have such well behaved children!" WOW! It's times like this that I remember I really do have great kids. They listen, they are polite and they are good. Sometimes I just have to remind myself of that and remind myself that my kids are just that...Kids!

Lady I don't know who you are. But you made my day. No...you made my week! So I am holding onto what you said to me. I am keeping it close to my heart and my medal says "She has well behaved children."


  1. I can't even imagine. i have two and feel like this. I actually got the "your children are so well behaved" comment last week in the store and smiled. I knew that any minute Kadyn could have burst from the seams and start into one of his tremendous tantrums but I just basked in it for awhile. I also get the most people your age are partying stage or not married or just having kids... I fit into that strange group of young with young kids its rare to find other married young moms. Something I need to do more of.

  2. I TOTALLY know what you feel...I get the same stares in the grocery store when I have all 4 of them. I feel like others are staring at me thinking "she should control her kids better" or I can tell they are thinking "I can't believe she has 4 kids". I too get the comments that my kids are well behaved (at church of all places and that is where I want to rip my hair out when we are having a bad day)...and it does make you feel like a rockin parent...but there are times when I have to remind myself that they are just kids and then I look at other parents whose kids are acting way worse than mine and I thank God for my minor meltdowns compared to theirs....Great post....like I said, I can totally relate!! MIssy