Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Sheep Was Driving Me NUTS!!!

So I had this meeting the other day. Had 3 of the 5 kids with me and they were SO good! They played with all the little toys and had a wonderful time with the other kids that were all there.

So there I was talking to a lady. She was asking me questions and I was trying my hardest to answer, but at the same time I was so distracted. There was this puzzle sitting on the table right next to me. It was one of those wooden puzzles and it was animals. All the animals were nicely put into their place, but the sheep was not in at all. It was sitting kiddy wampus on top of it's space where it should have been nicely put! When I first sat there I tried to figure out why just the sheep wasn't put away. I figured the kids just got tired of the puzzle or maybe there was just something harder about the sheep and the kid gave up! But by end of this bugging me I was sure that the kid who had been working on it had it out for me. He just wanted to leave that sheep like that just to drive me nuts.

I was working so hard at trying not to focus on this crooked sheep that all I could think about was the sheep! How does that work? I didn't want to move it cause I didn't want to look like I was crazy. So instead for the longest time I sat there unable to answer the questions very well or hold much of a conversation cause I was so focused on this sheep and focused on the fact that I didn't want to move it.

Well I ended up breaking. This sheep was just to much for me. The lady has asked me another question and I asked her to hold on for a second. Then I reached over to the puzzle and slightly moved the sheep so it would slip into place. Ahhh. That felt so good. And really I think waiting so long and trying my hardest NOT to move it made me look crazier than if I would have just moved it. So...moral of my story...If that sheep is bothering just move it!

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