Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Only Thing Better Than Fresh Rosemary is...

Fresh Basil of course! I just love fresh herbs and it's great that we have a few in our garden. I love to walk outside while I am cooking and grab up the fresh basil. Smell the leaves. Freshly cut them and then put them into my dish....mmmm...can
you taste it yet?

So this thought got me thinking about something else. What is better than my husband's love? Most people would say nothing. For me the only thing better than my husband's love is God's love. Now for a human my husband's love is pretty unconditional. Just like our vows stated he loves me in sickness and health. If we are rich or poor. Till matter what. But no matter how hard he tries his love is still a human love. It can never match the love of God. I just finished a book and it outlined God's love vs. Man's love so well. There is so much I could write on the topic, but maybe every once in awhile I will write on it.

Man's love is dominated by emotion. We feel as though we are in love. So many different things help complicate these feelings and emotions. If someone you love hurts you often times you won't feel as much love for them. Your feelings have been hurt so your love meter goes down. A loved one buys you a gift or takes you out for a meal. Zip! Up goes the love meter. Depending on what people do and how you have been feeling determines where your love meter will stand on any given day.

God's love is committed. Now this is not to say that God doesn't feel love for us. He does. But his love does not fluctuate with feeling. His love is based on a decision to love us. He loves us...Period! Nothing that we do or say fluctuates that love. No matter what we have done in the past or now or the future His love stays the same of us. Are you glad that God doesn't have a love meter? I know I am!

Can you imagine if God did have a love meter? On the day that He sacrificed His own son who could have just been fed up with humanity. We just did too many things to get Him mad and so He could have made the choice not to give us the gift of His son. But His love is SO much greater. So much more that we could ever understand or deserve. His love is so great and so unwavering even when His son was praying in the garden He didn't change His mind. He went though the agonizing choice to give his son as a sacrifice because of His GREAT love for us!

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