Friday, June 10, 2011

Oh my Blogger Friends How I Love You!

It's true....I do love you! It's like on a day when nothing seems to be going right people who read my blog...both those I know and don't know...can give such encouraging words. You guys are a blessing to me. Not that I feel 100% better, but you guys sure can put a smile on my face!

The Baby seems to be doing well. I have been doing a mixture of nursing and bottle feeding. She doesn't seem to care either way. Today and yesterday she has been giving me the cutest smiles and I just love it!

The rest of the girls are still adjusting a bit. Not that they really understand what is going on, but I see it. All their personalities are on hyperactive mode! So I have been going crazy with extra everyone here.

My husband has been doing a great job of helping me out. He does a ton for me and I appreciate it so much. Like right now he's getting the two oldest to clean up their room and playing games with the other two while the baby is sleeping to give me some time. Funny that I am sitting and writing a blog during my free time. But...writing helps me. Right now my husband really should be sleeping. He works nights and never gets enough sleep. I am blessed with a wonderful husband.

I look at my wonderful family and I think...WOW! I have so much more than I could have ever asked for. I have great daughters and an awesome husband. Sometimes I wonder why I am so lucky to be so blessed.

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  1. Hey Sarah!! I totally know what you are going through....It is hard to decide to give a bottle when nursing is such an intimate time with is my thought...when you give a bottle is it still breast milk? Because if it is, then I have always thought, it's not HOW baby gets it, it is that she is getting breast milk that counts, not totally in how she gets it. Do not feel guilty giving a bottle, there are days when I need a break from the sometimes 1 1/2 to 2 hour nursing sessions, so I pump for the day and Carly gets my milk from a bottle. This also allows my other girls to help feed her and form a bond with their sister and it gives me a much needed break to get some other things don't feel guilty!!! I do feel guilty some times, but then I think of the others who need some attention at times this helps the guilty feelings.......and you can send Jadelyn over any time to play if you are in need of a break!!! Hang in there!!! I totally understand!! Missy Danner.....the neighbor in the big brown house!! :)